Since 1968 the family-owned company Thordsen is synonymous with quality, reliability and flexibility in the world of international transports.

The Company / Our Success

Logistics is increasingly crucial to business operations, and as a result, the demands on providers of logistics services and their capabilities are ever greater.

The tasks and responsibilities required of the logistic services provider have in effect become increasingly wide-ranging and complex. We at Thordsen are prepared and welcome these challenges!

Our highly experienced team is committed to the continued enhancement of logistics processes, which with regular communication with our customers guarantees maximum satisfaction.

Our long-term an results-driven business relationships are evidence to our success.

To complement businesses to solidify and sustain their success in world markets, we offer strategic Supply Chain Management and Just-in-Time solutions. Thus we ensure optimum performance and reliability in the field of transportation also in the future.

In Hamburg and all over the world.

Services / Import

Georg Stubbe

Georg Stubbe

Hamburg is the gateway to East European markets; it is one of Europe's largest import and export harbour and the perfect pivotal point for the movement of national and international cargoes.

We take care of all forms of customs clearance, as well both upstream and downstream logistics services.

From our location in Hamburg, we offer the fastest possible processing of:

  • Loose Container Loads (LCL) transports in Germany and Europe
  • Part and full load truck transportation
  • Direct connections to Eastern Europe
  • Individual solutions for each customer
  • Data exchange network
  • Data exchange with our logistic partners

Services / Export

Rico Gärtner

Rico Gärtner

International ocean and air freight, export customs clearance, container transports and handling especially for Far East and USA shipments are the cornerstones of our worldwide logistic services.

Our export department offers the following services:

  • Export container shipments
  • LCL and FCL as well as Flatracks, BBK, Open Top
  • Shipments as per Letter of Credit requirements
  • Export customs clearance
  • Seaworthy packing of goods
  • Door-to-door Transport
  • Cross trade shipments
  • Worldwide air freight
  • Project logistics, including heavy equipment transport
  • Transport insurance

Our global partner network throughout major cities in Europe and Overseas, and our close business relationship to multiple carriers guarantee optimum logistics for the movement of goods. Furthermore our comprehensive transport consultants identify individual logistics strategies to move your goods smoothly.

Services / Dangerous Goods

Dangerous Goods

Georg Stubbe

Georg Stubbe

Thordsen offers a comprehensive service for the handling and warehousing of volatile goods and merchandise.

In addition to the import, transport, warehousing and handling of chemicals, we offer the following services:

  • Control of inventory and distribution
  • Batch control
  • Sorting
  • Labelling
  • Disposal

For over 30 years Thordsen has specialized experience in the logistics and warehousing of fireworks. Each year, we handle large quantities of these volatile goods in our specially equipped warehouses for dangerous goods, including customs procedures for import and export, storage, picking and distribution.

Services / Warehousing

Bernd Sellmer

Bernd Sellmer

We have a total area of more than 19,000 m2 in the city of Hamburg and Free Port at our disposal. All warehouses are modern, have alarmed systems, and can be used for dangerous and / or custom free goods.

With these facilities our services include:

  • Customer friendly logistics systems
  • IT infrastructure
  • FiFO Planning
  • Bonded Warehousing
  • Returns Control and Management
  • Just-in-Time control
  • The complete control of outsourced assignments
  • Sample control
  • Sorting, sizing, packing and labeling to commercially recognized standards
  • Serial Number control with Barcode readers
  • Quality control

By employing a modern, tried and trusted informatics infrastructure we greatly reduce processing and delivery time, which in turn efficiently improves the entire value-add chain and offers a precise picture of the logistical movement of goods.

Services / Logistic

Logistic Logistic Logistic

Georg Stubbe

Georg Stubbe

We offer Information as a basis for decisions for the right time and the appropriate location in the logistics process. Exchange of information also means partnership and trust. For us this is the essential basis of a business relationship.

  • The result is an intense, personal collaboration
  • Details about when, which information and frequency of exchange are determined with previous discussions with customers
  • Faster and flexible reaction time
  • More transparency for all parties involved
  • Fewer interfaces
  • Effective planning and forecasts
  • Increase in customer satisfaction

How do we achieve this?
Informistics is a supply chain management system specifically for the flow of information along the logistics chain. It is a web-based information management system that provides its users with access to the latest data on the flow of goods along the supply chain. Data is downloaded without any long waits as the system operates 100% “live”, in real time.

Login for the Supply Chain Partner is done with a corresponding password >>>


International Competence China

Rico Gärtner

Rico Gärtner

German-Chinese commerce has no doubt gained momentum. China is recognized as one of the most important markets outside of Europe.

For China, Hamburg ist the gateway to Germany and Europe.

Hamburg ist the most important european harbor for China and China the most important destination for Hamburg.

Thordsen would like to support you in your business with Asia. By way of regular service from Hong Kong, Shanghai, Xiamen, Shenzhen, Ningbo, Quingdao, and Dalian to Hamburg, we can meet the special requirements of our customers and combine these with the following services:

Consolidation to and from China and throughout Asia, LCL and FCL shipments, IT-supported progress reports, industrial project transport, Supply Chain solutions, warehousing both in China and Germany, quality control, after sales service, and distribution in Germany and Europe.

International Competence South America


Deepali Jencquel

Deepali Jencquel

The Hanseatic city of Hamburg has a historic relationship with South America, having being engaged in trade and commerce over centuries. The Hamburg harbour was originally one of the prime portals for business between European entrepreneurs and South American companies.

Over the years the popularity of ocean freights between Hamburg and all major South American ports have tremendously increased.

Thordsen has built a partner-network from Mexico to Argentina to attend to your South American shipments.

In accordance to the different customs and administrative processes unique to each country in Latin America, our team works closely with our regional partners to ensure our customers a full end-to-end service.

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The Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) is an internationally recognized system which ensures that potential hazards to food safety (for example, by hazardous micro-organisms, foreign bodies, or chemical contaminants) are identified and eliminated. This certification is especially important when transporting and handling food. Thordsen has implemented the HACCP concept in its entirety with the aim of enhancing food safety throughout the food chain.


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